Hukilau Friday Night Appetizers

Christopher's Hukilau Pictures

Tron about to have dinner

Dejie, Kiliki and King Kukulele - our emmcees

Torchy with Boa

Wayne and Christopher

New Tikiphile Elizabeth

Johnny Knox & Hi-Test with help from Formica Dinette and friends

Scary King K.

Torchy Taboo emerges

Dancing Maniacs

The Penetrators

Vern's Hukilau Pictures

KailuaGeoff's Hukilau Pictures

Torchy Taboo

Dejie, Kiliki and King K.

Tiki Bob's Hukilau Pictures

Here is the giant Tron, the bubble spewing tiki!

Johnny Knox on stage with the Luau gals

A view of the room full of 400+ people for the show.

Dejie and UberEasy were the first band onstage.

Ford examines one of Saint Thomas' new mug designs

Johnny Knox and Hi-Test were next on the bill

Sven and King Kukulele

Torchy Taboo came out wearing a giant boa...constrictor!

Our Hukilau Pictures

Kiliki gets friendly with Stumpy

KreepyTiki Artists

Our buddy Vern from D.C. and Teri, the owner of the Starlight 6

The incredible Tron!

Red hair, blue hair, and all colored hair!

The back of Hoffa's lady and Hoffa.

Hoffa and Jeff of Drowning Creek

Loved this girl's outfit, but it looked like her feet would have been killing her.

Mr. and Ms. Human Heatwave

Swanky and Wayne's tiki. He let me control the smoke!

This guy is supposedly with Danzig

These guys own The Vortex in Atlanta and say they are interested in buying Tron and Gargantua

KailuaGeoff, his wife Marian and Christopher

Ford's Hukilau Pictures

King K with Tron in back blowing bubbles and more Mai Tiki up front

Christopher from Fla

Sven with Tiki Bob and Mai Tiki's in back

Gotta love the Florida crew!


Sven at the book signing table

DJ Swanky looking for his cue

Ford and wife Lisa

Fire dance in progress!

The Penetrator's take the stage

Wayne was smart and brought a fan. Here he aids King K.