Hukilau Saturday Night Main Dish

Christopher's Hukilau Pictures

Miss Formica Dinette and Christopher

Swanky, Ford and Kiliki presenting Sven with WITCO

King Kukulele with Swanky foreground

KailuaGeoff's Hukilau Pictures

KailuaGeoff and Marian

Christopher and Marian at the front bar

Christopher, Marian and Dejie, dining in style

Sven's lecture in progress

Lecture crowd with Bre Elle on the right

King Kukulele takes the floor

Hukilau organizers Swanky, Kiliki and Ford present Sven with Witco piece. (Can you spot Swanky?)

Vern's Hukilau Pictures

Tiki Bob's Hukilau Pictures

Miss Formica Dinette from Athens, GA enjoys dinner and a drink

People lined up at the back bar for yummy drinks

UberEasy entertains the crowd. Why didn't we take down the sheet Sven projected on?

King Kukulele was great

King Kukulele harrasses an audience member who failed to clap properly

Tiki Bob and Bre-elle and Tristan from Florida

Tiki Bob, Miss Formica and The He'e Amakuas

Swanky, Kiliki, Iuka, unknown blond, Sven, Mika'ele, Ford, Formica, King K, Tiki Bob

Iuka Grogg of He'e Amakuas at the front bar.