Hukilau Sunday Night Dessert

Christopher's Hukilau Pictures

Torchy Taboo at the Starlight.

Early at the Drive-In. The parking lot was packed at show time

Some Drive-In Invaders were definitely into it.

A '56 and it's owners

Amity Beach Patrol Vehicle from JAWS

Kiliki and Swanky with Mai Tikis

Tiki Jell-o mold

Wayne gettin' crazy - STAND BACK

Wayne Coombs and King Kukulele

Ford and Lisa Vox

Forest Ward and friends and his Caddie

The Muggler, his wahine and the Balir Witch folks

Vern's Hukilau Pictures

KreepyTiki's Hukilau Pictures

The KreepTiki artists with Sven and their mascot.

The tiki they gave away at the raffle.

The lovely wahines of KreepTiki and Sven

The dark Marquesan style Tiki on Jack's right came home with us and now lives in Shangri-la!

Penetrator's Hukilau Pictures