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Swanky and Kiliki with Dave Levy, part owner of the Mai Kai Kiliki with Dave Levy Well endowed figurehead in the Molokai View out the rear of the Molokai Molokai showing natural light and first mast Molokai with flash Whale harpoons and vintage rigging in Molokai Ceiling in show room Molokai One of the large pre-Missionary tikis A Florida Tiki Bar?


Bre-elle, Mai Kai manager Kern Mattei, Kiliki and Swanky One of many Marqueasn carved table lamps Side view of figurehead Wait station behind the bar

Thursday Day

At the entrance Mai Kai rum 1960 The Entrance The entrance area Notice the huge tree over the entrance The street where the Mai Kai is Kiliki and Swanky with Bob Thornton

Thursday Evening