What was Hukilau 2002?

If you are just finding the Hukilau site, let's get caught up.

Friday, July 19th, at the Echo Lounge in East Atlanta

The kick off night had more tiki artists and items in one place than anyone, even Sven Kirsten, author of The Book of Tiki, had ever seen. KreepyTiki of Miami took up one side of the room with their wild variety of large carved tikis and more. Saint Thomas was there with their mugs. But the really big thing was Wayne Coombs and Mai Tiki of Cocoa Beach and his amazing creations. Behind the DJ table was a 5 foot tall 3 foot diameter tiki with flame on top and smoke spewing out it's nose. But the real stars were Tron and Gargantua. These 15-20 foot tall monsters stood on either side of the stage. Tron had flames in his eyes and mouth and shot smoke and bubble out the top! And Gargantua took a whiz on passers by. Awesome!

As the crowd drank Mai Tai's and Blue Hawaiians from their free pineapple cups, they were entertained by Atlanta lounge act UberEasy. Next came Johnny Knox and Hi-Test with a rockabilly mix of island inspired tunes. Exotic burlesque dancer Torchy Taboo heated things up with her dance numbers. King Kukulele played around a little and the evening ended with the Spy surf sounds of The Penetrators. Down times were filled with the lounge sounds of DJ Swanky.

Saturday Day, July 20th, at the Fountainhead in East Atlanta

The Tiki Bazaar occured Saturday from noon to 5. Vendors set up on the streets and in the Fountainhead. There was a lot to choose from. Giant Moritz R original paintings were on the walls. Mai Tiki and KreepyTiki were back with their large and small tikis. Tattoos by Dirk was there with his art and a raffle for a free tattoo. Drowning Creek had their original two Hukilau posters. Original art by Dave Burke of Monster Fetish. Lots of mugs by Saint Thomas. Lots of Tiki Farm and other mugs and great stuff from Junkman's Daughter. Sven signed his book. We sold the Hukilau Squid mugs and Swanky's all vinyl Exotica CD. Just an amazing array.

Saturday Night, July 20th, at Trader Vic's in the Hilton Atlanta

This classic of Tiki Bars was the stage for the night. Sven showed slides and told us about his next book on the art of Witco. UberEasy sang some great Hawaiian tunes. King Kukulele absolutely proved he is indeed nuts. He had the audience rolling. The He'e Amakuas played some Hawaiian classics. It was a great night. The place was packed all night and they had to turn people away. Maybe a first for Trader Vic's Atlanta!

Sunday Night, July 21st, at Starlight Six Drive-In, Atlanta.

The tiki carvers were back and everyone had a very loose, fun night. The Penetrator's played soundtrack rock from the roof of the concession stand and 2 classic monster flicks showed. Lots of tailgate parties and coolers and tiki torches and fun. Plus the guys of KreepyTiki drew for the tiki raffle.

We'll that's about it. Sure. That's all. Sold out, turning people away. Fun. Merriment. Tiki's and music and rum. A tiki party like none other!