Shag has gained worldwide notoriety as the illustrator of all things Hip, and he brings his artistic vision to bear on Hukilau 2003. He is designing a new mug for the event and your first chance to see and own this new mug will be here in Florida in June. Look for images of the design here. Due to a heavy schedule, Shag has had to cancel his plans to be at Hukilau this year.


Otto's Tiki News was the first shot fired in the resurgence of Polynesian pop culture as a growing movement. Just about every happening in the tiki world has had his hand in helping it, or creating it. From the "Closing of the Kahiki" party to the annual "Tiki Oasis" to introductions in Shag and other books, he is an icon of the subculture. Baby Doe has been hard at work making Burlesque a modern day reality with Tease-O-Rama and the Devilettes. She has clearly succeeded, We are glad to have them, with their progeny, as sponsors and guests of Hukilau 2003!


Holden will be at Hukilau 2003 in person to distribute the new Shag mug to the masses. Tiki Farm is the biggest name in mug making these days, and it's thanks to them we have the new Shag designed mug this year. Who knows what else he will bring with him? Plenty of goodies!


Bamboo Ben's Grandfather was the "original Beachcomber" Eli Hedley. From the 40's to the 80's, Eli dazzled the tiki crazed world with his works primarily from the sea. Bamboo Ben is the leading artist of tropical decor and bamboo work in Southern California. He's been featured in many print media including a feature article in Orange Coast Magazine. Tiki bars for MGM (Windtalkers) to garden tiki bar pleasures for Hollywood producers, rockers, corporate heads and various others. Bamboo Ben is always original. No art piece is alike. The Bamboo Ben store offers everything from bamboo napkin ring holders to king size beds. He will be selling various smaller items from his collection at this year's Hukilau.


Mai Tiki is the source for the "Florida Tiki style." His studio has been turning out great work for individuals, tiki bars and theme parks for a long time. With the debut of the incredible Tron and Gargantua at Hukilau 2002, he has set himself quite a standard to beat. Mai Tiki will be turning the Oceanfront Holiday Inn into a tropical wonderland the likes of which may have never been seen!

JAMES TEITELBAUM of "Tiki Road Trip"

James has been the webmaster of the Tiki Bar Review Pages since 1994, and has contributed more than 70 articles and reviews to magazines such as Alternative Press and Blue Harvest. His web site has given rise to a new book, "Tiki Road Trip". He will be on hand to sell and sign this book, hot off the presses. This complete guide to Tiki culture world-wide lists, describes, and reviews every known Tiki bar, Polynesian restaurant, and other site of interest to fans of "Polynesian Pop". The book even includes locations now closed, creating a historical overview of the genre, presented in the format of a travel guide.


Crazy Al is a multi-faceted tiki fiend. While his band Ape plays Polynesian classics, he carves a tiki live. And what tikis he carves! Some of the finest hand crafted detail you'll ever find. And then there's Bone Productions. He is bringing his talents to Hukilau 2003. All of them!


These guys brought their varied tiki array all the way to Atlanta for Hukilau 2002, and this year the trek won't be so far. They make traditional tiki's, but they also take inspiration form tattoo art and comic design to make tikis unlike anyone else.

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