Hukilau Performers

This Hawaiian rock’n’roll project has been founded by the Italian rockabilly band "Luki Linetti & The Thunderstorms“ from Venice. After a trip to the USA which led directly to Hawaii they were utterly fascinated by hula dancing, the rushing sound of the waves and the picturesque scenery. Fallen for this unique flair, the guys began immediately to mix this music with rock’n’roll in order to flush the music market with itchy feet according to the role models of a lot of 50‘s artists. Imagine the year 1958, sitting at the Bamboo Bar in the "Kona Kai“ with a Mai Tai and gazing at the hula girls, how they move gracefully to the sound of steel guitars!

The repertoire of the band contains a lot of songs they have snapped up on their Hawaii trip: "Sophisticated Hula“, "Lani“, "Maui Girl“ and some well known songs like "Hawaiian War Chant“. And of course they play the familiar "Tribute To The Island“ - Songs like Bill Haley’s "Rock-A-Hula“ or Elvis’ "Blue Hawaii“, too. The band uses traditional instruments like ukulele and lap-steel but skips typical drums that usually are carved of palm trees. They don’t want to take this subject too serious and the rock’n’roll shouldn’t be missed either. So they still use bass and snares. Even optically the Waikikis come up with quite a lot of ideas: those likeable Italians stock their gigs with flower leis, tuxedos combined with wrapped tapa skirts and the love for the hawaiian detail. Even Freddie Bell who jammed with the guys during last summer’s jamboree was rapt away and said: "If I fly back home now I have to convince my friends that Waikiki is in Italy."



King Kukulele

King Kukulele is nuts! Those on the West Coast have known about the wild antics of this man for a while, but at Hukilau 2002, we in the East found out what a wacky man he really is. He has performed all over the world and split sides at Trader Vic's and The Magic Kingdom. He returns with his daring ukulele and wonderful good times to the Hukilau 2003 stage, performing at both the hotel party and the Mai Kai.


This four-piece combo, who are to rock what XXX-rated dime novels are to literature, propagate their own brand of twisted, intense, mondo-sleazo frat-rock/stripper-rock/lounge-act-in-hell music. The Delusionaires create their own private, adults-only world of flashing neon, smoke-filled rooms, and buxom Bettie Pages taking it all off slowly as they plunge to new depths of delirious, depraved debauchery. The audience generally divides its time between digging their off-kilter brand of "men¹s club" jazz with "sax" appeal, and holding on to the more fragile pieces of glassware and furniture in the room for fear of flailing microphone wires, upright basses thrown askew or demonically-possessed seizure-prone band members hurling themselves down the stairs. It gets wild, baby ... really wild. Taxi fare and bail money are suggested as accessories.

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