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This one of a kind souvenir has Hukilau written all over it! It features the Hukilau logo and our mascot Woody.

You can recall your great times at Hukilau and look forward to the next event with every drink. Woody beckons you on with every sip!

At $4.25 per dozen-ish, you can't resist!

Click below to have them shipped to you.


The perfect souvenir for a perfect Tiki event!

The Hukilau match books are printed inside and out. The cover features the logo and our conga line to the Mai Kai; the back has our wonderful sponsors, City Link and the top edge has the web address. Inside we have details of the event. All proceeds go to support Hukilau.

To order 5 for a $4.25 through PayPal, click below. If you want more, email us for the amount.


About the Artist

    Born in the backwoods of Arkansas, Derek was raised on little more than pork rinds and corn squeezins. Derek still resides in the south, and when he's not runnin' shine with his pappy, he's paintin' purty pictures for big bucks! Derek has worked the last eighteen years for a wide variety of clients, some of which have even paid him! In a twisted effort to pollute the fragile minds of America's youth, Derek has illustrated for Marvel Comics & Cartoon Network.

    Nowadays, Derek's illustration style, reminiscent of cocktail napkin art of the fifties, can be seen in such magazines as Atomic, Barracuda and Car Kulture Deluxe. Derek's freelance moonshine business, coupled with the ever growing demand for his art, keep em’ purty busy indeed. Hard to believe, but he has sold more illustrations to more satisfied clients than Elvis and the Beatles... COMBINED!!

Hukilau or Bust!

 Hukilau 2003 Exclusive Edition by “Derek”
Gicleé Print Limited to Only 50 Pieces!

 Hand-Pulled Deckled Edges
Hand-Numbered & Hand-Signed by “Derek”

About the Art

This limited edition has been created using the fine art process of color reproduction known as Giclée. Using this process, Island Colours of the Florida Keys has printed this edition on 330gm Somerset Velvet substrate. This limited edition has been taken from the original hand-inked illustration, which artist Derek Yaniger has enhanced through various processes. Published in 2003 exclusively for the Hukilau 2003, this edition is limited to 50 pieces in the general edition.


The artist's rendering.

The prototype mug, without a glaze

This is a new, original Shag design. It has Hukilau 2003 and Shag embossed on the back and comes with a signed hang tag. There will only be 300 made and your only chance to own one will be at Hukilau 2003.

2002 Saint Thomas Mugs

There are still a few hand crafted mugs available from Atlanta's Hukilau.
We have the large "Tattoo" coffee mug.

They are $20 plus shipping. To order, send us an email and specify your color choice.

And we have a few of the "Grimace" mug.

They are $15 plus shipping. To order, send us an email and specify your color choice.


Hukilau 2003 Vendors

 AFA TASI Polynesian Tribal Wear -
Beachwear, surfwear,island apparel and authentic Pacific clothing with the hottest tribal and tiki designs.  Go Tribal!

James Teitelbaum – Chicago, IL -
Author of “Tiki Road Trip”, a complete guide to Tiki culture in North America and abroad that lists every known Tiki bar and other site of interest to fans of "Polynesian Pop”.

 Basement Kahuna - Dave Wolfe
Classic carved tikis, weapons, shields and re-creations of the Trader Vic's poles

 Brad the Beachcomber of 8th Street Vintage Clothing
Some of the greatest vintage Aloha shirts and 50's swimwear you will see anywhere

 Crazy Al Evans & bone Productions -
Since 1995 Exciting exotic “Tiki men” carvings and reproductions by Bone Productions

 Drunken Tiki
Decorative tiki wall hangings, bars, panties, t-shirts, cocktail napkins, bar towels

Cool tiki and sub-cultural themed merchandise

 Hula Hula Tropical Art, Antiques & Accoutrements
Island-style décor & furnishings, Aloha shirts, retro nudies & bathing beauties, and more

 Joe Vitale –
Designer of unique tiki mugs and the man that changed a donated Yugo into a giant Moai

Junkman's Daughter of Atlanta
Bringing various wares for your obsessions

 Orlando Vintage Clothing Co.
Hawaiian Shirts, vintage clothing, summer straw and wicker handbags & so much more

 Tiki Art by Flounder
Turn on your tiki mojo with an original tiki painting by Flounder!  Straight from his beachside hideaway, Flounder paints with a fever for all things tiki.

 Bangarang Vintage Hawaiian Clothing & Accessories
Established 1991. Specializing in mid-century modern furnishings & vintage apparel such as 1950’s & 60’s Vintage Hawaiian clothing & accessories for guys & dolls.

 Tiki Farm –
With the help of Squid, Holden Westland started Tiki Farm and struck-out to produce a product that was of a high quality that would be available at a reasonable price point.  With a customer database that is now approaching 4,000 retailers worldwide TikiFarm remains the leader in producing those mugs and tiki creations we all know and love.

 Exotica Arts – Columbus, Ohio
Established 1998.  Polynesian-style carved tikis, masks, lamps and necklaces. 

 Kreepy Tiki – Miami, FL
Non-traditional Tiki Karvings with heavy influences rangin' from 50's/60's Hot Rod Kulture, Sci- Fi Monsters, and general lowbrow tattoo art


This sculptor is a native to the Sunbelt of Phoenix Arizona. AL grew up surrounded by the carved Spirits of his Dad’s Hopi Kachina Doll collection. It must have been the 115°+ temperature that broiled the tikis and coconut oiled bikinis, of local ‘Big Surf’ Beach, into his psyche. Perhaps thanks goes to his father, a loud-Aloha-shirt wearing, S. Pacific Veteran, who took his five-year-old to Hawaii, and has watched every program of ‘5-0’ since.

In 1990, during his education at Art Center Pasadena, AL started carving tiki necklaces for the surf band ’The Swinging Tikis’. The band dubbed him “Crazy Al” for his on stage and on bar antics.

In 1995 “Crazy AL’s Bone Productions” was created to provide Tiki products to this Surf Crowd.

The Bone Productions’ offers reproductions of C’AL originals

You might now find Crazy AL carving a tiki, live on stage, with his tropical themed band APE! Crazy AL’s carvings can be found at Copro/Nason Gallery Tiki shows

Crazy AL does not pretend to be a "Polynesian Tiki-God carver",
but prefers to celebrate the Ideal that is “TIKI”!!
Now beautifully laid out in “The Book of TIKI”

His 3-7 foot tall palm trunk tiki triumphs are strictly Crazy Al originals.

In carving these wonders, Crazy AL goes through a lot of rice and bananas. In order to continue carving, and patch his grass shack, he must make modern day sacrifices to the tiki gods - and they ain't takin' pooka shells! Most Tiki Men are $100 or more per foot - depending on individual complexity.

[This does not include shipping the heavy mothers]


Dave carves in a traditional style, and focuses on aspects of the true tiki bar that are often neglected. Besides the classic tikis, he carves weapons, shields and panels that adorn the old school tiki bars. He has created re-creations of the Trader Vic's poles you see in all those venerable locales. He is bringing a truck full of his carvings to Hukilau, and taking custom orders.

A sampling of his creations.

Hula Hula
Tropical Art, Antiques & Accoutrements

2902 Beach Blvd. South
(Opening July 1st)
Gulfport, Florida 33707

Hula Hula specializes in island-style decor & tropical accessories, including: Tiki souvenir pillows, Aloha shirts, barkcloth fabrics from Hawaii, anthurium & banana leaf pottery, postcard souvenirs, mermaid & hula girl bottle openers, tropical lighting & much more way-cool Polynesian stuff !  Stop by and see the shockingly sensual "Tiger Lady" poster - an absolute MUST-HAVE for your Tiki Bar! 



Join all the tiki freaks at the Holiday Inn Poolside, Saturday at 11AM for a swap meet like no other! Bring the mugs, swizzle sticks, matchbooks, postcards, menus and anything else you want to trade. We all have multiples of a few small items, and this is your chance to trade for something you don't have. After you're done there, you can tour the vendors' displays in the hotel and add even more goodies to your collection!

"I Belli Di Waikiki" US Tour

In conjunction with Hukilau, "I Bellli Di Waikiki" will be playing some dates before and after the event. Here is the information so you can see them, even if you don't make it to Hukilau

Friday afternoon, June 20th 7:00PM
Cheapo Disk
North Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX

(512) 4774499

Friday evening, June 20th 9PM
JO’s Café
1300 South Congress Avenue
, TX
(512) 444 3800

Thursday, June 26
Martini Club
520 Douglas Ave., Dunedin, FL
(727) 734-0885
Showtime: 10pm, admission free
(in reverse order of appearance)
The Vodkanauts
I Belli Di Waikiki (from Italy)

Surf In The Turf 2003

Sunday, June 29th
Skipper's Smokehouse
910 Skipper Road, Tampa FL
venue phone: (813) 971-0666
Showtime: 5PM, admission $6

This is to be a larger event with vendors welcome. Contact Skipper's for more info.

Performers (in order of appearance):
The Thrusters (from Orlando)
I Belli Di Waikiki (from Italy)
The Vodkanauts (from Tampa Bay)

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